Dr. Google between doctor and patient

The world is changing, always changing but since we entered the era of the information society, this change has accelerated exponentially.

As a society we are largely analogical, but we know that over time this will change and before we realize the digital natives will be majority … But they will have been educated by analogical parents or digital immigrants as Mark Prensky says, that unlike them, they have learned and evolved in this new digital era, facing this challenge.

Eudard Punset explained in one of his “Redes” Tv program in early 2011, we are in that moment, educating our digital children:

But there is something to be learned, whether we are analogical or digital, and as a society this will be one of the key issues of the collectively evolution.

And why do I say it?

Because firstly, no one is born learned in this world, and surfing the internet, looking for information, and that this is the appropriate or the one we are looking for exactly, is not an easy task, among other reasons, because the amount of information on the web is endless.

This reality is impacting on many doctors who are taken to the limit when patients appear with a lot of information “found in Dr. Google’s place”.

I realize that for many of them, this is a tremendously annoying situation, and they do not know how to react, or do so defensively, demanding all possible diagnostic tests, prescribing the “best” drug …

On the other hand we have the patients, scared, eager for information about what happens to him or his family member, wanting to know and know NOW! To the extent that any response serves, and Dr. Google is there to give the answers.

So patients arrive at the doctor’s office with a huge amount of information which no longer knows what is true and what isn’t. To this we must add the uncomfortable doctor who gets defensive, and we already have it bundled.

How do we solve this mess?

Obviously from education, at all levels, but starting with the doctors, teaching them not to be afraid and be prepared for “prescribing information”.

The organizations where they work should promote internal and external communication to digital level, Intranet and Web should gain prominence, these are the tools that will educate their users in the management of information and content targeted to their patients.

In another post I’ll write about patients and how they can improve their search for information before going to the doctor, how to distinguish between quality information or not, how to use the tools that exists on the web to refine your search, etc…



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