Meaningful Health joins to Slow Blogging

As you will have already warned in the title of this POST, today I won’t talk about any topic related to # eHealth # mHealth… Today I want to dedicate this post to Slow Blogging.

As I stated at the end of the presentation of Meaningful Health at the Conference organized by the College of Physicians of Barcelona, # salut20comb: Your digital identity is healthy?


At that time I had the opportunity to present my Blog, and also take the opportunity to express my commitment with the Slow Blogging, my commitment  to write when you have something interesting to explain and not get carried away by the pressure of constantly writing contributing with little value to those who read me.

And what is the Slow Blogging?

It is a concept that I found through a blog that follows my wife, Wikimums blog, on everything related to the Slow movement, applied to different aspects of life, fashion, gastronomy, travel … all in a Slow mode!

In short, what this concept is all about, as in many facets of our life, refers to the importance that things must flow, allow time to mature and when they reach that ideal point, sprout, giving the maximum expression to creativity, and providing the added value that has slowly been macerating in our minds…

Apply the Slow philosophy to the world of blogging is nothing more than writing when you have important things to say, that make a difference, that add value … No matter the time between the moment when news occurs, or when a new concept shows up, or a new innovation appears, and when YOU write about it … because if what you want to say about it is adding value to everyone who reads it, it will have been worth!


We could summarize this philosophy in five sentences used by the Wikimums Blogger to explain what SlowBlogging:

  1. Write when we have something interesting to say.
  2. Not stay with a timely news, go beyond
  3. Knowing that what we mean to say today, we can also say it tomorrow.
  4. Write for people, not for SEO.
  5. Although not tweeting, the world keeps turning, it’s okay!

For those who share this philosophy Slow and feel identified, they can join the Slow Blogging simple guidelines following a wikimums explained here.

Starting today, the hallmark of Slow Blogging of Wikimums proposed for recognition as Blogger Slow for those who visit us will appear on my blog.


Join us! Is much better Quality than Quantity ;-D



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