On 26 May 2014 the new intranet of Hospital Clinic of Barcelona new intranet was unveiled, taking over the existing one.

6 months ago I wrote a post about it, HOSPITALS: INTRANET & WEB #HEALTH2.0 TOOLS , just after one year working on the project to implement the digital strategy in the Hospital. In that post I explained, among other things, how we planned the launch of our Intranet, and its relation with the future Hospital web site.

Well, as I said at the time, we planned a 3-year project to move forward in implementing the digital strategy of the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, and after 1 year and a half, we have already met the first objective, launching the new Intranet.


As I explained at the time, a key aspect in the approach to this project is the relationship between the Intranet and the Hospital website, we consider them as two sides of the same coin or two parts of a sphere, visible for everyone (the web) and the other,  only visible for workers in the Hospital (Intranet).

This way of building the project is inspired and based on a very simple concept which our head communications officer, Xavier Francás, named “The Onion of Knowledge”.

Clinic Cebolla del Conocimiento

We assume that knowledge of the Hospital Clinic comes, as a reference center, from its professionals. They have the responsibility to share it with their peers, with the rest of the organization, when they consider so, and with the world, through the Web, when the right time comes.

Develop a working dynamic based on the trend Co, which I mentioned in my first post, and which  Alfons Cornella takes time preaching about, is the challenge of our Hospital.

We are working to achieve the goal that values ​​such as Communication, Cooperation and Co-sharing become the basis of the working relations between the members of our institution.

The hospital has initiated a process of change in order to culturally evolve the organization in this direction, orienting it more towards digital environments (Intranet and Web), whose rules are 100% Co!

I want to share with you what has been the keys to success of the project from my point of view:

  1. Having the Hospital Clinc’s CEO as the main sponsor of the project.
  2. An information campaign door to door to explain the project to every single institute, center, area or direction into the Hospital.
  3. Training, training and more training in all formats (in large groups, small and tailored if necessary).
  4. 100% internal customer orientation (availability 5 days × 8 hours week).

Now to finish I would like to share with you some thoughts about the present and future impact of everything related to the new digital reality (from social networks, telemedicine, mobile health, online visits to the recently available wearables) in hospitals and their work dynamics.

It is curious how individually we have adopted more or less naturally social networks in our lives, opening profiles on Facebook, Twitter, writing in Blogs, etc … and ultimately spontaneously sharing content on the Web.

However, this has not happened in our professional field, where we have mostly followed the same dynamics, using the same tools, and probably unwrapped or unmotivated to get into the culture of the Co!

My thoughts about it suggests that for this to happen, organizations such as the Hospital Clinic, need a top-down sponsoring of this process, inviting everyone in the organisation to join the Co-dynamics collectively.

And this is the first of many steps we must take, since the arrival on the scene of Telemedicine, mHealth, the Apps, Devices and Wearables, is just around the corner, and again hospitals will hold the responsibility of leading their integration into healthcare processes both internal and external to the territory of reference and other assistential levels.

Nueva Intranet Clinic



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