Meaningful Health Blog 1st Anniversary

On September 7th of 2014 was the first anniversary of my “Meaningful Health Blog”, and I want to celebrate it by reviewing the reasons why 1 year ago I decided to start it.

Stethoscope and globe on a laptop keyboard

Meaningful Health Blog

Those who regularly read me, already know that Meaningful Health  is a Professional Blog inspired in my experience over more than 15 years in the health sector, initially as a consultant, and later as stuff member within hospitals in which I have worked and I still do.

The formula that has always worked for me has been a good communication, listening and applying common sense of consensus.

The main purpose of my blog is to share my views on the issues that I consider relevant and affecting our health.

Writing a blog is a good way to organize ideas, to learn reading what others have done and stimulate your own creativity and enhance your own knowledge.

Regardless of the topic, I always try to use common sense when considering some answers to current needs.

Sentido Comun

At present the main theme of Meaningful Health focuses on new technologies and their impact on health.

The main topics I‘ve written about during this first year of life, and I hope to continue writing, can be grouped in 5 points:

  1. Anticipating health problems using new Information Technologies.
  2. The Impact of the Internet and access to information between doctors and patients relation.
  3. Cultural change in hospitals, primary care centers, and the health system in general related to the new digital reality.
  4. The Role of Health Policy as an accelerator or brake change.
  5. Patient engagement as a key success issue of Information Technologies applicability to the Health sector.

It’s funny how the collective knowledge evolves in the new digital era, and how slowly IT incorporates to daily reality. That is what I like to call the “Asymmetric Panorama“ currently matching great fully to the concept of #mHealth.

When I started my blog I decided to prioritize quality over quantity, with the idea of ​​publishing one post each month, which I have found that is closely aligned with the philosophy of Slow Blogging movement to which I added my blog instantaneously.


Personally my balance cannot be other than positive, first because I fulfilled my goal to write at least one post per month. However I must admit that I did cheat a little, because at one point along the first year, I decided to write in a second language, English.

Well in fact it wasn’t really cheating 100%, as long as the effort to translate each post has merit, something that ultimately has been greatly compensated by the international reach this has given to the Blog, with visits from 41 different countries located in 5 continents!!! Wow that’s amazing for me!!!

Heading into its second year, my main goal is to maintain the rate of publications, and if possible, optimize … Get write a post in 2 languages ​​per month would be a good way to optimize for example…

The topics I write will follow the line of the above, and especially one in which I’m professionally starting a project, which certainly will help me to deepen and improve my statements through my posts or to give some answers to questions I have raised in the past…

Who knows, only time will issue its judgment in this regard, I hope that within one year my balance is at least as good as that of the first year!



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