The Clinic will create the first Public Hospital’s Health Site

Last November 26th was a very special day for me due to two reasons. Personally because I turned seven years working in the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona, for me the best of Spain in many ways, and where I have the opportunity to participate in important projects for the hospital itself and the public health system.

Professionally, because that day it was presented one of the projects in which I participate and that will set a turning point in the digital world and access to health information by Latin citizenship worldwide.

This project is the Hospital Clinic’s Health Site powered by an alliance between the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona and the BBVA Foundation, which began its gestation at that moment and plans to see the light throughout 2015.

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Besides everything said in the press, I want to emphasize something that I see is very innovative in the digital world.

The main objective of this project is to provide quality information to any Latin citizenship wanting to improve their knowledge about their health.

Quality information generated by a team of professionals whose job is precisely to solve those problems, and also will worry about sharing their knowledge available to citizenship in a comprehensive and pedagogical language.

Being the first “Health Site of a Public Hospital”, supported by a referral public hospital of the Spanish public healthcare system, with a non-profit and completely altruistic vocation.

I invite you to follow up my blog during the gestation of this great project.



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