4 key issues about the evolution of the Mobile Health (#mHealth) in 2015

Once more it has arrived the time of writing the end of 2014 and 2015 opening post, the traditional post of trends or key issues from a blogger’s point of view who enjoys writing and sharing it with everyone.

As far as I’m concern, over 2015 Mobile Health (#mHealth) will experience significant changes in 4 aspects closely related, within the context of public health in which we are in Spain:

One aspect that will highlight this evolution is the process of integrating information generated from patients through their mobile devices (Smartphones, Wearables, Laptops …) related to their diseases. The definition of key indicators by healthcare teams will be very important in this process, which will open new dimensions of improving both the quality and capacity of public hospitals with the same resources available aspect.

Integracion mSalud en PA

  • Beyond the physical dimension:

This integration will precipitate a phenomenon that until relatively recently it could seem complex to achieve. This is approaching the assistencial process and knowledge of doctors working in health centers beyond the physical structures of the Hospital. The integration of #mHealth into hospital’s Information Systems will mean that the surveillance which is subjected a patient in a hospital, can be made, somehow, remotely and ubiquitous to certain patient profiles.

  • Improved productivity and quality of care:

This integration of information will enable, without an increase in resources available to hospitals, without increasing the workload of professionals and with the same number of care hours, a greater number of people indirectly assisted without the need of coming to the hospitals and healthcare centers, because they will be monitored by their reference centers in return for a single thing … their commitment and engagement.

  • Web Analytics will work for health:

Web Analytics is a relatively new field, the first application has been doing in the field of e-commerce.

However, the great potential that it hoards, opens endless possibilities if we apply to our sector, aimed at improving the relationship with our reference population and health campaigns are directed towards her goals, nevertheless we could point to more ambitious goals which I expect to write about all along 2015…

Finally and to close the post I think it is important to clarify that these trends I just shared with you are clearly framed in a context of public health, which I consider to be the most benefited from the arrival of #mHealth to our sector.

I think the private sector in this regard must still wait to see how this new dimension of providing healthcare will fit with their business model. However, I think there are already many opportunities to apply the #mHealth in both sectors, with the only difference of the results it can be expected in each case.

Happy new year and I hope 2015 will surprise us on #mHealth related issues :-P.



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